X-O Plus Concentrate


X-O is an ideal combination of mild cleaner and natural odor eliminator – safe and effective to spray in the air or directly on hard surfaces or fabrics.

The natural ingredients in X-O are extracts from plants like those used in cosmetics and food flavorings. X-O is non-toxic, non-flammable, alcohol-free, and eco-friendly. Even the gentle cleaning agent is derived from plants.

With this pedigree, X-O was quickly adopted by hospitals, veterinarians, and hospitality industries, where safe and effective odor removal and cleaning are essential.

Made in the USA for over 30 years, X-O Odor Neutralizer has provided an amazingly-effective odor neutralizer in a safe, natural alternative to harsh chemicals – for those concerned about health, indoor air quality, and the environment.

Proven effective in eliminating pet odor, cigarette smoke, skunk odors, and cooking odors.

Size: 32 oz


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