Crystal Clean Ready to Use QT


Our Favorite Daily Cleaner for All Natural Stone, Tile, Terrazzo, and Concrete!

This is the single-most important product you can use to keep your stone and tile surfaces in top condition, and should be the cornerstone of your routine cleaning practices. Removes dirt and grime while protecting your stone. The neutral PH formula is ideal for daily use on surfaces. Fast drying, no rinse formula leaves doesn’t leave residue or water spots. Also works well on glass and stainless steel surfaces making it an all purpose kitchen cleaner.

Crystal Clean contains two evaporating agents that make it dry three times faster than plain water or other stone cleaners. When used with the damp mopping technique, Crystal Clean will drastically reduce water induced fill loss and spalling in travertine, limestone, and marble, and microbial growth in pits and grout lines.

Crystal Clean contains a small amount of the same fluoropolymer impregnator found in the Stone Pro family of sealers. Every time you use Crystal Clean on your stone or tile surfaces, you are strengthening their ability to resist water penetration and staining from both water and oil-based substances, and retarding the growth of mold and bacteria that cause discoloration in surface pits and grout lines.

If you have the need to clean travertine, clean marble, clean granite, clean limestone, or clean tile, Stone Pro Crystal Clean is your best choice!

When this bottle is gone buy the concentrate version to refill.

For use on: marble, granite, travertine, limestone, slate, all other natural stone, ceramic tile, porcelain tile, concrete, terrazzo, grout, glass and stainless steel.

1 quart/32 ounces


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